1 Year Limited Warranty

If you are the original owner, our 1-year limited warranty will cover defects that occur during use under normal operating conditions. Rod tips (top 1/3 of the rod) are not covered under our limited warranty. The tip of a rod does not carry load and will not break under normal operating conditions. If your rod broke because of material or craftsmanship (defective blanks will break slightly above the handle – on the first use) it will be replaced or repaired. Our engineers will review the rod and if determined the break was due to misuse or mishandling, we will contact you and offer a replacement or repair cost.

Some examples of misuse/mishandling:
• Lifting fish out of water using only the rod (tips don’t just fall off on their own)
• Slamming tip in a door (any kind of door) or your rod case…again, tips don’t just fall off on their own
• Throwing your rod – almost guaranteed to break
• Storing your rod on the floor of your vehicle, boat, fish house, etc. where objects can roll over it or a human or animal steps on it
• Storing it in a bucket
• Trying to free a snag by grabbing the blank – this will ensure it breaks

Any of this sound like what happened? If so – check out our Accident Replacement Program

To send in your rod for evaluation and repair, and fill out the JT 1 Year Limited Warranty form and ship rod with $10 to cover shipping/repair. ALL broken pieces/parts and a note with your name and phone number and ship to:

JT Outdoor Products – Warranty

18450 Pilot Knob Rd E

Farmington, MN 55024

Appropriate packaging would be a heavy duty triangle or square shipping tube. You need to secure the rod (tape it to the sides) so it does not bounce around causing further damage. Damage occurred during shipping or due to improper packaging will not constitute a replacement.

High end rods are precision instruments and should be cared for accordingly. They are not indestructible. We recommend transporting all rods in a hard sided, sandwich style case and stored out of direct sunlight when not in use.