Accident Replacement Program


You broke your rod and would rather not disclose how? No problem, we know things happen and we’ve got you covered.

Our Accident Replacement Program will have you back on the ice or water in no time.  You purchase the replacement online – must be an even swap – same model, color and length. We send you the replacement in our shipping tube with a return label, and when the rod arrives put your broken rod (with ALL broken parts) back in the shipping tube and ship back to us with the return label we provide. The Accident Replacement is good for a one time replacement per rod purchased at full value.

Our “no questions” replacement costs are below:

  • JTX /Ascendant Series – $135
  • Black Reign / Summer Snare Series – $150
  • Panhandler  – $ 115
  • Ice rods- $50


 To take advantage of the accident replacement program follow the steps below. It is very important that both steps are completed. Your order will not go into queue to be built unless both steps are completed. 

Step 1 will charge you for the replacement rod. Select the rod you are looking to replace and go to your cart and check out. Once completed come back to complete step 2.

Step 2 is a form which will ask for your information again please fill it out. This is to insure you will send the broken rod back to us. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED AGAIN.

Step 1: Purchase the  Warranty Product  <— Click here

After this step you need to come back to this page to complete the form in the link below.

Step 2: Fill out the Accident Replacement Form     <—– Click here

Now that you’ve completed the 2nd step, your rod will be put into the queue to be built.

Step 3: Your new rod will be on its way shortly

IMPORTANT: Your broken rod and ALL pieces must be received within 30 days of replacement shipping or your credit card will be charged for the full amount of the replacement and shipping, with no exceptions.