Rattle Spool


(Super sensitive rattle spool with indicator line and reflective decals for night time visibility. Mounting shaft and rubber positioning grommets. Each rotation of spool equals 1-foot. Locking feature locks spool from rotating during transportation.)

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JT Exclusive HOT-BOX Rattle Spool for use with your HOT-BOX.

Molded Plastic Spool Features:

  • The benefit of molded nylon plastic spool is extremely durable with minimum bearing contact surface reducing friction. Making it the most sensitive spool on the market.
  • The molded in locking pockets keeps the spool from spinning freely and tangling fishing line while in transport.
  • The size of the spool is designed so that one revolution of the spool equals 1 foot of fishing line.
  • The ball inside the spool provides audible sound aiding in detecting fish strike.
  • The benefit of the two rubber grommets are to easily slide on the spool shaft for positioning spool in free spin and llocked position.