Strike Sensor Key

Strike Sensor® is the world’s most versatile, easy-to-use electronic strike alert system. The basic system consists of a Strike Sensor wireless remote pager, and a transmitter you can rig with any ice fishing tip-up, set pole or rod holder. Once it’s set, carry the pager with you and Strike Sensor will BEEP you the instant a fish strikes— up to 500 feet away. Fish from your vehicle, shelter, campsite, or even your lake home! Strike Sensor’s powerful radio signal alerts you to a bite instantly. One pager can monitor any number of transmitters so you can fish multiple lines and NEVER MISS ANOTHER STRIKE!™ And the transmitter lights up, so you know which line has been tripped, even if you’re night fishing.


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This offer includes the Strike Sensor key only. It is to be used with the HOT-BOX TM ice fishing system, sold separately.

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