Northland Level-Head Predator Tube

  • Pre-rigged with a soft chewy body that swims and darts like a dying baitfish
  • Level head design allows the jig to hang horizontally
  • Strong hook and blood red sting’r hook perfect for large predators like trout and pike



Brand new for the 2022-2023 seasons the LEVEL-HEAD PREDATOR TUBE comes in with a bang! This large pre rigged tube features an eyelet that is strategically placed further down the head of the jig to ensure that the bait always hangs horizontal to create the most natural looking presentation possible. The LEVEL-HEAD PREDATOR TUBE comes in 4 colors including glow options. Every card comes with 1 tube completely rigged and ready to go and 1 extra body. Designed to tangle with large Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Burbot all winter long or from the boat, tie one on and hold on.

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White, White/Chartreuse, Lumi Glow/Red Top, Super Glo Chartreuse