Northland Fishing Tackle Rigged Tungsten Bloodworm

New for 2022, Northland Fishing Tackle is offering a new line of rigged tungsten ice jigs. The new rigged tungsten jigs feature the Impulse® Bloodworm body rigged on the Tungsten Mud Bug Head. These invertebrate & baitfish bodies paired with the “buggy” Mud Bug Head, match the hatch of crappies and bluegills preferred cold water forage. The Tungsten Mud Bug allows for a greater hook gap perfect for rigging plastics. Each body style of the new rigged tungsten jigs come in 2 sizes 1/16 and 1/28 and 5 colors.

  • Mimics a juicy bloodworm
  • Rigged with a heavyweight Tungsten Mud Bug Head
  • A favorite forage for Panfish & Perch



Additional information


Fruit Fly, Glo White, Gold, Woodtick, Tiger Beetle


1/16 oz., 1/28 oz.