Nano Fry

Nano Fry

1” Inch

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RMX2 Scent Infused!! Fish absolutely love it!!

Our most popular bait and offering an impressive array of different color options for your next fishing trip, this unique bait is truly a game changer in your fishing experience. Complete with 63 different color options for employment in a variety of different situations, with these Nano Fry Originals in your tackle box you’ll wonder why you even bother to carry anything else.

Boasting a small one-inch size in length as well as a width of 3/16 of an inch.
Providing an action shad/fry profile and complete with a unique stinger tail as part of the design as well.
From the 3D, lifelike eyes to the tips of the tails, this set of baits is what your fishing collection has been missing.

A True Game Changer!!!

Size: 1”

6 Per Pack / $4.99



Nano Fry 1” Inch  

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