VMC Rattling Roach Spoon

When it’s time to eat, the VMC® Rattling Roach Spoon calls ‘em in. Its intense fluttering action combined with an exposed rattle chamber delivers maximum sound vibrations, grabbing the attention of nearby fish like no other spoon. We’ve dressed the spoon with a marabou teaser tail, which conceals a super sharp VMC® treble hook. Holographic eye and a variety of UV, holographic attractor and live baitfish patterns. Ultra Glow colors last up to 15 minutes.



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Glow Pink Squirrel, Glow Red Shiner, Perch, Shiner, Glow Blue Shiner, Glow Black Wonderbread, Glow Chartreuse Shiner, Glow Goldfish, Glow Green Fire UV, Glow Hot Perch, Glow Juicy Lucy, Glow Tiger, Glow Orange Fire UV, Glow Pink Fire UV


1/16oz, 1/8oz