Tailfin Standard Slip Float

The Tailfin Standard Slip Float is an unweighted balsa wood adjustable bobber in classic teardrop and pencil designs. Add your split shot, a bobber stop, and hook for live bait or eggs and you’re ready to fish. Or, if you’re fishing near the surface, the standard unweighted slip float pairs great with a jig as this type of lure can have enough weight of its own to reach your target depth and stay there. Brass grommets help the float slide more smoothly on your fishing line when adjusting for the depth of your bait. You can reach deeply suspend fish better than you can with a traditional clip-on bobber when you use a Tailfin Standard Slip Float.


  • Balsa wood
  • Brass grommets
  • Multi-color hi-vis bite indicator
  • Available in classic teardrop and pencil shapes



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1/2" Pencil, 3/4" Oval, 7/8" Oval, 1" Oval