Northland Tackle Rumble Bug

The Rumble Bug utilizes an irresistible snack-sized profile and a tight wiggling action to draw big strikes. Predators wont be able to pass up the Rumble Bug with its premium hand painted finishes that allow anglers to match a variety of local forage. Runs true whether you’re┬áburning it back to the boat, or slowly trolling it across your favorite fishery. From a block of balsa wood, to a welded, through-wire construction, to a finished hand painted body, each is meticulously handmade with the defining Heat Compression Molding (HCM) and tested to ensure it runs true before it leaves the factory.



1 3/4″, 3/16oz, #8 hook (Depth- 4-7ft)

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Steel Chartreuse, Wonderbread, Pink Pearl, Gold Perch, Perch, Blue Tiger