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Baby Guppy

 Ice Fishing Plastics, Panfish Plastics,  Panfish Open Water Jigging & Casting!


🐟One of our hottest selling custom plastic baits!!

🇺🇸 A unique panfish Bait that is handmade in the USA

A Baby Guppy might be one of the best kept secrets among panfish Anglers!  If you are a die hard panfish angler… then you owe it to yourself to tie on a Baby Guppy on your next fishing adventure!!


• 🔥Pimp Daddy Ice 2020

• 🔥FireTiger

• 🔥Hot Rod 

A True Game Changer!!!

Size: 1 1/4”

Price $4.99 / 6 Pack


Baby Guppy

1 1/4” Inch

Customer Reviews

"I have purchased a 32" Patriot Rouge, 32" Rouge, 35" Panhandler with Spring Bobber, 32 Panhandler without Spring Bobber, 28" Shiver Stick, 36" Panfish Snare, 36" Walleye Snare, 32" Black Reign, 38" Black Reign, 40" Black Reign, Couple JT Outdoors Sweat Shirts and 2 JT Oudoors Ball Caps. It awesome to have rods made for specific styles of fishing, bite aggressiveness, and size of fish you are targeting. The quality and craftsmanship is exceptional and a great warranty if you happen to need it."
Bryan Ahrendt
"Hands down the best rod for casting light jigs in the spring. The length on this rod allows for casting light jigs a mile without effort. Weather its casting a small jig and minnow or a smaller hair jig this rod is the perfect rod for the task. This is my go-to rod all spring. I pair it with a size 2000 spinning reel and 6-pound mono or braid and a short fluorocarbon leader. The sensitivity of this combo and its ultra lightweight makes it very easy to fish with all day. I have yet to hook a fish with this rod that left me thinking I was underpowered. This is by far my favorite open water rod offered by JT. "
Loving my JT Panhandler ice rod!! The sensitivity is amazing and paired with a Okuma C10 reel it is a joy to fish with!!
Jeremy Rall